Fear Factory/Twelve Foot Ninja @ the Tivoli (4/7/2013)

Last time I photographed Fear Factory it was at the HiFi with horrible lighting. Looking back, there was maybe 2 photos I thought passable in that set. Luckily this time they were playing the better-illuminated Tivoli. And playing all of their album Demanufacture in full, which happened to be one of those albums I loved a lot as a teen discovering music.

First up were Twelve Foot Ninja. I’d heard their name bandied about a lot, but never had the chance to see them before. I wish I had. There was a lot of funky-metal, in a Faith No More/Primus style, which is a weakness of mine. The vocal stylings were very, very Mike Patton.

Fear Factory were good as always. I don’t have many memories of specifics of the gig, as the setlist was pretty straight forward, consisting mainly of Demanufacture. I know I spent my 3 songs in the pit singing along like an idiot from behind the camera.

As always with Fear Factory, I tried to get some shots of Dino shredding. The dude’s a legend.

But in reality, the surprise of the show was Matt DeVries, the bass player. With his long hair and penchant for flinging it around, my photos of the evening are mainly of him and his hair.

Even more surprising, a few nights later while consuming many beverages, I got an email from him asking to use the photos. Pretty damn good compliment from an all-round nice guy in one of my teenage favourite bands. I definitely fan-girled.

Original gallery for Tone Deaf

Selected gallery below:

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