Clowns/Vomit Bullets/Goon on the Rocks @ 4ZZZ Carpark (1/12/2013)

It was a big weekend of music for me. Thursday I was hanging out/doing a live Instagram takeover with the USA punk band Veara. Friday was Vans Warped Tour. Saturday I saw No Anchor’s last show (with Clowns) at Crowbar and many beers. And on Sunday, with the weather perfect, Clowns played the last show of their long, long, long album launch tour to a very hungover/drunk group of punks in the 4ZZZ parking lot.

And it was one of the best gigs I’ve seen in ages.

Puke was finishing up when I rocked up after lunch. Way heavier than I expected, I didn’t get any photos.

Goon on the Rocks I had seen once before, during a drunken Fat Louies night. These guys look barely over 18, but they play great reggae/ska influenced punk with a hint of humour. I bet they listen to a lot of NOFX.

They are a fun fun band to watch. And they seem to enjoy seeing bands as much as they do play. For the rest of the day they were up the front singing and dancing (and drinking) along to the other bands.

The beauty of the 4ZZZ carpark shows are the cost (nothing) and the drinks (BYO). Even some non-punks (but possibly drunks) came along for the party.

Next were Vomit Bullets. They were fresh off a Fat Louies gig the night before and looked a little worse for wear. I was waiting for Ben (the drummer) to throw up everywhere. He got close, but no cigar.

I’ve been meaning to do a photo shoot with these guys for a while (somehow we brainstormed playing cricket with eggs…?) but having the sun instead of Fat Louies lighting actually means I got some decent photos.

And those Goon on the Rocks kids just couldn’t stay away…

Last up were Clowns. They played Crowbar the night before, but as they told us, they much prefered a show like this. It was more like their roots. And it was a great old punk show. Mayhem, loud noises and movement. The guitarist smashed his phone, someone smashed a beer and everyone just jumping around into each other and getting into the music.

There was even some sort of weird mosh where it looked like someone was sweeping up broken beer bottles in the middle of the pit…

I think this was the third time seeing Clowns on their current tour cycle, starting back with Big Sound a while ago. And it’s shows like this that reminds me that there are some great live bands still slogging it out in Australia. They deserve more credit, so make sure you get along to their shows if you ever get the chance. You’ll be blown away.

Lots more photos below, put here mainly for the bands. If you want to use them for any reason, chuck us a line at

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