Last week had me starting a new, hopefully reoccurring role: as a photographer for Rave Magazine. Rave is Brisbane’s best known music street-press magazine, coming out with a new edition for free every week. You can pick up a copy at any good music store or location throughout Brisbane. I read it every week and have for years.

Back in January I got chatting on Twitter with one of their other contributors and after a lot of back and forth I got given an assignment, which was Sick of it All and Agnostic Front at the HiFi. I was going to go to this gig anyway, so to get it with a photo pass was a much better deal!

In I went, only to discover the worst conditions I’ve had as a photographer yet in my short history of shooting gigs.

  1. There was no barrier. This meant no security up the front. Nowhere for me and the other photographers to get in and take photos. I had to be in there in the pit (which both of these bands really get worked up) and ducking all of the stage divers (which the band encouraged). It was fun for the punters for sure, but a little dangerous for me and my equipment. Especially when I took a stage diver to the face and got floored.
  2. The stage was light by red gel lights only. And about 8 of them max. It was dark and red. Every photo. Dark and red. Which of course made them blurry.

Not the ideal situation for my first assignment for these guys. I was freaking out. I ended up submitting 3 and one got printed! I was stoked, my first try and it’s in press. On Tuesday morning I ran down to Rockinghorse and picked up a few copies for the Allan archives. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come!

Here’s the two others I submitted.

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