Bleeding Through @ The Rev, (18/7/2013)

The mid-year/winter run of gigs was quite sparse, so this night was a bit of a treat for Brisbane metal fans, as from memory there were gigs at Crowbar, HiFi and the Rev I wanted to see. I chose to see Bleeding Through for the 18 year old metalcore kid in me. Their first 2 albums were some of my favourite heavier albums when I was younger and not to mention they have Marta. Swoon.

Opening bands are a bit of a blur, both in memory and photos. The Rev is a weird place to photograph. The drummer is wedged underneath a go-go dancer’s podium, there’s mirrors, the floor area is small (and full of people moshing) and the upstairs area is too high to get good angles (unless you like trying to take photos of bald spots). One of the opening bands was extremely cliche deathcore (and horrible) and the other I remember enjoying and being surprised.

The only photos I liked from their sets were of the idiotic crowds. Hilarious. Especially this dude, who was a bit of a douche in the pit.

Or the imaginary bicycle guy.

Bleeding Through were incredibly tattooed. INCREDIBLY. Oh and ripped.

Turns out it was their last tour ever. As such they played a huge setlist covering everything from their career. Which of course ended up with me singing along.

Staying safe by staying out of the pit, I went side of stage. Turns out a lot of crowd members had the same idea purely to try and take selfies with Martha. Between songs she’d even join in some of the photos with the punters.

It was a good send-off for an old favourite.

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