Senses Fail/Take Us To Vegas/Dollarosa @ the Zoo (7/8/2013)

July 5, 2003: I ventured a few hours out of my town to see Brand New play a club in a college town in Iowa, where a small band named Senses Fail opened for them. Senses Fail’s music and lyrics did not appeal to me and I disappeared to go find some beer for later that night when I would crash at a frat house. “I should have known, that you were a killer… BUT NOW YOU’RE DEAD”. Poetry.

Fast forward just over a decade later and here I was seeing them again half a world away.

First up on the night were my social media friends (yet I had never seen them before) Dollarosa. In my head  I had this preconceived notion about their sound (predictable “post-hardcore” screamy crap) yet they were nothing like that at all. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Zoo’s hit and miss lighting was having a very “miss” night, so most of shots were very closely cropped on a longer focal length with a high ISO.

There was even a touching little birthday song half-way through their set.

Next up were Take Us To Vegas. I wish I could remember something about them, but despite seeing them play a few songs at Warped a few weeks back, there’s been way too many gigs between here and there for my poor brain to remember everything. I think I’ve got to start taking some more notes.

So. Senses Fail. What had changed in 10 years?

Well their sound had developed from their crying-emo style on their early EP I was familiar with, to a more rounded rock sound. You could really hear the contrast throughout their set. This show was part of a “best-of” tour, so they covered bits and pieces of their entire career, so at points even I knew a few songs. But it was a Wednesday night, I was tired so half-way through their set I headed home.

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