Anywhere Theatre Festival – House of Cards

My second night of photographing the Anywhere Theatre Festival lead me to the downstairs community space of a building in Highgate Hill. And what a space it was! It’s how I picture my relaxing space once day: full of bean bags, couches and bookshelves. It was on these couches I found the 3 stars of House of Cards sprawled out, seemingly napping. Not really what I expected to see before their performance!

I was early, and not long afterwards they started their pre-show stretching routine. Watching this, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But once everyone had comfortably settled in with their drinks (it was just like being comfortable at home watching TV) I saw what the stretching was for. These 3 lead us, at times, on a rather acrobatic journey. There were silhouettes, chases, dance scenes, video projections, audience interactions and lots of playing cards; all set to the music of Radiohead.

Although quite difficult to photograph in the dark surrounds, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Its last show is tomorrow night (Saturday) so get in if you can. It is a fun time.

As an added bonus, I made a GIF of Mikhala doing a chorus-line-girl-style warming up behind the silhouette/projection screen.

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