Release the Hounds/Army of Champions/Hug Therapist @ 4ZZZ Carpark (29/3/2014)

Earlier in the week, Release The Hounds dropped a new music video which saw me in tears upon my first viewing.

To go along with this, they are setting off on an east coast jaunt, starting with some shows in Brisbane. I missed their Crowbar show (not that I would probably remember it if I was there) due to a bachelor party, but they put on a free show in the 4ZZZ carpark. Being in daylight hours I was able to stop by with camera in hand for a few sneaky beverages and photos before running out to the rugby game that night.

Due to the aforementioned bachelor party the night before I was asleep and missed all but the end of Derouser. No photos, my bad.

You could tell Hug Therapist were from Melbourne by the way they dressed. Not just the band shirts of Melbourne area bands, but their struggle to blend in as locals by drinking XXXX and wearing Hawaiian print shirts.

I liked their jams a lot. I had never heard of them before, but (to me at least) they had a folky-orgcore kind of sound that was very agreeable. I’ve been streaming their Bandcamp a bit today while editing photos. The lead singer must have some strong feet though, he spent most of his time on his toes.

I’ve seen Army of Champions a lot recently, thanks to my mate Dave being one of their biggest/drunkest fans. Not that I’m complaining, they are a bloody great live band and of my favourites in Brisbane. This was their last show in a while, so I got a bit trigger-happy on the camera. Plus, being daylight in a magnificent venue, I got some rare amazing lighting from the sun.

They’ll be missed for a while. Especially by old mate Dave.

This was my first time in a while seeing Release the Hounds while I was sober. I’m not so sure if the band was though…

But that seems to go hand in hand with their music, as Liam’s obvious steroid issue makes him an angry, angry man.

(Liam, if you’ve made it this far without punching your screen, I’m joking obviously. I know you don’t cheat when you shred for stezza mate).

When it came time to play the single from their new video a shark suddenly appeared!

The poor shark spent a lot of time flying through the air!

A great show all around and it finished just in time for me to run away to the rugby!

Full gallery below. Rather large because I got trigger happy.

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