The Smith Street Band/Cheap Girls/Joyce Manor @ The Zoo (29/8/2013)

Whoa, trying to catch up on a backlog of blogging and it turns out not only did I take photos of this gig, but I even wrote a review! ME?! A WRITER!?

Here’s the review:

I can’t be bothered reproducing it here. The Smith Street Band are one of my favourite bands so it was pretty rad to see them for like the 10000th time with some great American bands and also to have a chat with Wil during the set. Nicest bloke.

I love the Zoo, but sometimes the lighting just isn’t easy to work with. And unfortunately that night it was borderline unusable. Photos are very subpar for what I wanted. A bonus appearance by the trombone player from my favourite ska band helped ease the pain at least (it’s Bomb the Music Industry FYI).

Here’s a small gallery of ones I’m still okay about 7 months down the track:



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