Fall Out Boy @ Convention Centre (27/10/2013)

This show almost didn’t happen for me. I’d spent the weekend camping and climbing south east Queensland’s tallest mountain and was not in good shape physically. To make it worse the traffic back from our trip was absolutely miserable, it was just stopped for hours near Amberly. Being a rather large gig administered by one of Australia’s biggest music promoters, they had strict rules for photographers. One was getting to the venue and meeting with the reps at an early time.

I eventually made it home after the opening band started, but luckily the venue was a 10 minute walk from home. Too bad my legs were jelly after a brutal weekend and I limped slowly into the venue, only to be met with confusion. Because I was late all of the other photogs had already been and escorted inside. No one knew what to do with me and there was no pass (which sucked, they looked sweet and I wanted it for my collection).

The rest of the evening passed in a blur. I finally found someone to let me in, saw 3 songs from Fall Out Boy and then had to leave the venue. Honestly I remember very little. I came home, edited photos and passed out. Between getting home from hiking and having my gallery submitted took less than an hour all up. Here’s the original gallery. Kind of insane really. I loved Fall Out Boy as a young emo, so I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t stay and enjoy but my god did that sleep feel good.

This photo of the drummer being looked down from above by a giant Pete Wentz still makes me laugh.

Here’s a few select photos:

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