Limp Bizkit @ Riverstage (25/10/2013)

Fun fact: my very first email address ever was Professional right? Well when I was 13 3 Dollar Bill Yall was an amazing album in my eyes and Pollution was the best song ever written (and still is the best LB song).

Years pass, accidents happen, by the time I was old enough to be allowed to go to concerts Limp Bizkit had released a pile of poo about starfish and not really touring. So there’s no way I was going to pass up this gig. There was an odd caveat though, the photos and review had to be up by midnight. Being a Riverstage show this didn’t bother me too much. A 10 minute walk from home and the gig finishes by 10 at the latest, I should be able to get home, edit and upload in 2 hours. The gallery and review were for AMH Network and you can see them here.

It was apparently poor selling, so the “special guest” touted on the ticket turned out to be LimpBizkit’s DJ. No, not Mr Lethal, but someone pushing out some atrocious dubstep tracks that really didn’t get the surprisingly last-minute-large crowd ready for a nu-metal fix. Pretty sure it riled up the blood.

Not that I cared. Sitting in the photo pit I saw the first song was in fact Pollution, so my day would be good no matter what. It was even better once I realised that Wes Borland is as over the top with his costumes and amazing to photograph as he has always been. JUST LOOK AT THIS GET UP.

Outside of my initial excitement for the opening track and Wes’ amazing ability to be photographed, the set showed a band past their prime. LB had a countdown clock on stage that started at 1 hour and you could tell they were padding away for a while. There was a lot of talk about the “Corn on the Cob” being sold at the back of the Riverstage. It’s now a bit of a running joke between me and my friends when you can tell the band has time to waste.

Fred changed hats many times in the first 3 songs, including the trademarked red Yankees cap.

As far as shows go, it was nothing amazing. But given the massive market for nostalgia music these days and my generation’s much looser spending on entertainment, a lot of people went home happy. Heck, even I did.

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