An Indian Wedding, Part 3 – The Wedding

Whenever everyone asks me what India was like, I say “fattening.” The trip, wonderfully organised by Nabil’s incredible family can be boiled down to a daily summary as follows:

  1. Wake up, eat breakfast
  2. Get in a van, drive somewhere
  3. If a ceremony, eat a lot of good food
  4. Go back to the hotel, suit up
  5. Go to a wedding ceremony, eat a lot of good food

Did I mention the food was amazing? The whole experience was amazing. It seemed like I was in a colourful dream the whole time, being transported from event to event in a blur. I barely had a grasp on what happened (except for Nabil getting married of course) but I’ll try and step you through the various wedding events in these photos.

First wedding thing we attended was a lunch at his grandma’s. Where we got to anoint Nabil with lots of pastes made from various spices. And then we ate food. It was quite messy but enjoyable.

The girls got their hands henna’d at this point in time.

That night was the “yellow” party. All of the females in Nabil’s family got together and sang for him. I think at least, I had no idea what was going on.

We all wore traditional yellow clothes and got to shower Nabil with petals. Also there was really amazing food.

The next day was the present ceremony. There was a lot of amazing food and we got to meet Sanya for the first time! And also help with the beginning of the gift exchange between the two families, of which there was some exquisite items. Maybe I should get married soon for the swag?

At some point in this evening, a ring got placed on Nabil’s finger. What followed next was a bloody scrum as everyone tried to steal it.

I discovered rapidly during this night what really happens over the days of an Indian wedding. The couple getting married spend a lot of time sitting in the same seat, getting their photos repeatedly taken with everyone and anyone. There must be almost millions of photos of Nabil and Sanya on the same few couches.

Nabil’s view was mainly this for the whole time I was there:

The next day we were on hotel lock down. Favours for the reception were organised, Bollywood dancing was rehearsed and songs practiced by the musicians.

I’ve had to split up this post into two entries to handle the amount of photos I want to upload. So here’s the gallery of the first few ceremonies and the rest will be in the next part. If anyone wants high-res pics for printing, contact me.

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  1. Zehra shervani
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    Luv the photos ..thanks for sharing

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