An Indian Wedding, Part 4 – Even More Wedding

After all the prep was done, it was time for the main wedding ceremony: The Nikka. We got turbans done. I feel bad for the turban fellows, they had to follow me around all night as mine just refused to stay on.

Nabil was placed in a decorated car and driven in to the ceremony. We had to dance in front of the car with a ridiculously loud choir of drummers. I didn’t take photos at this point, I was too busy dancing and being encompassed by the spectacle. This part of the ceremony was truly awe inspiring to me. I was covered in goosebumps. It was just so surreal.

We got there early so there was plenty of time for photos on the platform.

There must have been seating for thousands at the ceremony. It was massive.

Then all of a sudden an Imam got on stage, words were said, forms were signed and Nabil was married! But no sign of Sanya yet…

Turns out Sanya was across the way going through the same process.

We had a procession over to her. Then they were finally joined as man and wife! All done under some fabric out of view of us, except for a mirror.

And then there was food. MOST AMAZING FOOD. So good. After hours and hours of photos (poor Nabil and Sanya) we exited the way we came in, amongst all the drums and music and dancing.

And then there was the entry of the couple to their wedding hotel room. Poor Nabil was tired and wanted to go to bed, but we had set it up with some surprises while his family harassed him at the door.

The next day Nabil’s family put on their reception. This was more the traditional western one and Mully even got to give a best man speech.

We also showed off our Bollywood dance moves we had rehearsed to death. The full video is not on the internet so far, at least to my knowledge. There’s a bit of it right here for you though:

There was some truly excellent food too. Probably the best of the trip. This was all topped off with some crazy dancing, to some ridiculous dubstep songs. But what’s a wedding without crazy dancing?

All up, it was an amazing experience and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it. Much love and thanks to Nabil and his family, especially his parents. Without them doing so much work for both him and us, I wouldn’t have been there to experience it! It was everything I had imagined it to be and so much more. And I got to see a part of the world I never even dreamed of seeing.

Here’s the last gallery. If anyone wants high-res pics for printing, contact me.



  1. Zehra shervani
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 8:56 am | #

    Great job ..glad you had fun. .come again the rest of India awaits you

  2. Zehra shervani
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 8:57 am | #

    Great job….glad you had fun…come again …the rest of India awaits you

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