The Keepaways @ Rics (4/5/2014)

Earlier in the week I walked into these guys mid-filming their new video in the back streets of Milton. It’s some weird shit.

They were performing in the Rics Exposed band search on Sunday night, so after an absolutely amazing win in the A-League Grand Final by the Brisbane Roar, I grabbed some cameras and headed to the Valley for some multiple Sunday night refreshments and music.

They were last up, the band room was overflowing into the streets and beer garden and the host warned us of impending chaos. Considering they are a two-piece, both on instruments, I wasn’t expecting much.

I hadn’t realized they had drafted in the “hairy Greg Puciato” (Ben McLeay, 2014) to be their front man for the evening. Within seconds he was shirtless and bloody and climbing everything in sight.

What followed was chaos. Last time I photographed bands at Rics was part of Big Sound and Clowns were in the middle of doing the same thing. Absolutely tearing up the small bar.

Dave even got a sweet blood mo on his shirt.

It was a lot of fun and I even found myself singing along to a few songs that I had learned from watching their messed up youtube videos.

This gallery below is mainly for Ben and the boys. If you want to use them for anything let me know. They aren’t the best, I was pretty drunk and Rics is a challenge to shoot even on the best of days. But hey, I had a fun time.

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