The Bennies/Fait Accompli/The Strums/Goon on the Rocks @ Crowbar (8/6/2014)

It was the Sunday of a long weekend. It was one of my favourite bars in Brisbane. Some good friends were there. The Bennies were playing. It was just a Party Party Party! And you know anywhere the Goon on the Rocks boys are, it will be a party. There were shots, stage invasions, dancing, crowd surfing and it was all wrapped up with some karaoke.

The lighting was poor, my sobriety was on par with the lighting, so the photos have been pushed through in greyscale. I don’t even remember taking most of them! But hey, I had a great time with some great Australian bands.

I took a few too many photos of Goon on the Rocks, because earlier in the night and with less beers in me I promised them/their manager I would? Whoops.

The Strums were backing up their second show of the day! Impressive work lads.

Fait Accompli’s guitarist had a hat that cast his face in shadows and made taking a photo of him ridiculously hard and my memory was getting blurry at this point.

It had been a year or so since I last saw the Bennies (in Toowoomba of all places) and it seems their partty-reggae-ska has become quite popular!

Full gallery of pictures that managed to look okay through my beer goggles below:

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