Big Sound 2013 (11/9/2013-12/9/2013)

Big Sound: Brisbane’s answer to SXSW. A few days when the local Valley derros get outnumbered by rockstars with long hair, wearing lanyards and partying hard. The last few years have seen me travelling through September, missing out on all the fun. But in 2013 the stars aligned, I got one of those lanyards and spent 2 days running around Brisbane like a madman between all the venues with cameras on my shoulders. I tell you what, it was exhausting.

This was 9 months ago and I still struggle to remember anything but exhaustion. Unlike a traditional festival, Big Sound used small venues scattered throughout the drinking district of Fortitude Valley. This generally meant no photo pits and you had to constantly battle traffic, drunks and bouncers. Places like Black Bear barely had any room left for the fans. Enough of us here watching Gossling do you think?

Luckily (I guess) it’s a music industry event, so they expect a few of us around.

Photos were originally on Tone Deaf, but here’s a few highlights of each day for me.

Day 1 (originally gallery)

The Audreys:

Billy Bragg:

It was truly special seeing him up close and personal in an alleyway with just a handful of people.

Yukon Blonde:


Busby Marou:

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard:

These guys were my pick of the whole thing. I’d avoided them for a while due to their silly band name, but holy hell their psychedelic rock won me over.


Robert Forster (backed by the John Steel Singers):

Bleeding Knees Club:


I had brought along my cheap m42 135mm f/2.8 manual focus lens, and I was very thankful I did at this point. I had to shoot from far away up high in the wings as the venue was packed! I ended up on top of one of the speaker stacks to shoot these guys.

Day 2 (original gallery)

Damn Terran:


Hey Geronimo:

Mt Warning:

John Steel Singers:



Melbourne Ska Orchestra:


I’ll be at a wedding this year unfortunately and miss out on it! But hopefully I’ll get another chance in the future.

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