The Devin Townsend Project/Toehider @ The HiFi (10/10/2013)

The first time I ever saw Devin was at Soundwave 2012. I had a gap while taking photos and I ventured to an outlying stage on the recommendation of Wade. I was the only photographer in the pit and I feel everyone else missed out. Not only can Devin shred a guitar like a legend, he has an amazing singing voice. When I heard about the Epicloud tour, not only did I apply for accreditation, but I grabbed a ticket so I wouldn’t miss this.

The first band, Toehider were in a similar vein. Never heard of them? You may have seen this video then. Amazing singing right? Now that in a metal band (featuring capes) was excellent entertainment.

And true to typical Allan form, there was a female playing bass guitar and I swooned. I’m a sucker for a bass guitar.

I could go into a blurb about the great show (even though Devin was unhappy with his own performance) but I was accompanied by Max, who wrote a kickass review to go with  my photos:

Here’s some Devin.

His custom guitar lit up too!

After the show I was on my way home when I got a call telling me to run back to the venue. And I got to meet the man himself and he signed one of my photo books with his picture in it! He told me it was his “egg eating face.” HELL YEAH. He is one of the nicest people in music as well as being incredibly talented.

Original gallery for AMH Network here, but here’s some selected photos from the night:

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