Film: Ilford 400 XP2 + Canon EOS3000 + Pancake lens

Film cameras: I’ve had one as long as I can remember. I was the kid who had a disposable camera in his pocket no matter where he went. But for a decade it disappeared from my life. Slowly it’s been coming back, mainly with kit cameras or old cameras gifted to me. First they looked cool on my shelf as display items, but I’ve been getting them out and experimenting and have about 4 half-finished blog entries about each camera type.

But then came Rick‘s going away garage sale. I picked up a handful of film cameras on the cheap, one of them a Canon EOS3000 that uses the same EF mount as my lenses. Maybe I’ll review it another day, but after a few test films I grabbed some B+W Ilford ISO400 XP film, threw on my 40mm f2.8 pancake lens and took it to India with me for a go at some sneaky street photography in Hyderabad.

When I picked up the developed prints yesterday I got an instant photography boner. I can’t believe how freaking well it turned out.

Like this, this is Nabil at his Nikka (the main ceremony) waiting for his betrothed, as he arrived early.

Got the real old documentary feel about it, eh? Here’s the bazaar leading up to the Charminar:

How about some scaffolding holding a hospital together?

Call Nat Geo in the 70s, I’m getting some work in there.

We called Nick “Clive Owen” based on how he was dressed and travelling as the perfect English gentleman, but you can see why, even as he fends off a beggar.

I had some shots leftover and burnt them up on a Release The Hounds photo shoot and got Liam being his normal, modelling self (this one used my 70-200 mm ISII f2.8 from memory).

What’s that DKNY? You want to use this on your next advertising campaign? Okay, I’ll await your private jet to come get me.

Of the 36 on the roll, there’s only about 6 I’m not happy with, and they were dark interior portraits with bright backgrounds.

I had about 3 rolls of colour film from the same time frame, some cheap Kodak 400 I got at KMart, but they had nothing on this goddamn beautiful quality of the Ilford. I think my film camera is going to largely be Ilford B+W now. Here’s a gallery:


  1. yourmum
    Posted July 17, 2014 at 11:44 am | #

    These are really great – you make me want to take up photography.

  2. Posted July 19, 2014 at 11:11 am | #

    Love the view…that’s going to be relaxing watching viewing night.

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