Luca Brasi/Stolen Bikes Ride Faster/Greyface/Columbus @ 4ZZZ Carpark (19/7/2014)

Carpark shows are everything I love about Brisbane: the weather, the people, the scene, the general friendliness of every one. Brisbane punks are a big friendly family. A family of alcoholics that is. And what better way to celebrate this great family by getting absolutely smashed while the sun is up behind a radio station? I am going to present these photos with very little comment as things got blurry by the end. Especially when Vinnie showed up.

First up, Columbus building a solid platform.

They were lucky enough to play while the “stage” area was still fully shaded. On editing I noticed I caught a cool hovering drum stick:

Next up were Greyface, featuring Barry Muzzle giving 110% looking like he was going to chunder every where and probably the best beard/guitar tone combination in rock music in Australia in B1. Also according to Safety Dave, my doppelganger on drums.

Shooting in the day is pretty hard for me, I spend most gigs fighting with only very low available light. Something like this with full lighting, especially on a ridiculously sunny day is just a battle. Throw in a shade/sun contrast over parts of the playing area and high alcohol consumption by the photographer and things were… difficult at best. Sorry Ben, I didn’t get the best shots of you, you were hovering over that light/shade border the whole time.

Somehow I had gone all my Brisbane life without seeing Stolen Bikes Ride Faster despite my old room mate’s love of them and them playing a tonne of shows at Fats. Oh well, it’s not too late, but it was weird seeing Baxter not in costume. Full credit to the boys, especially Ryan, by the end of the set he was in a world of pain on the drums.

Baxter even got to use his rad cigar-box bass.

Luca Brasi was up for the third sold out Violent Soho show, but they really dug deep to play 2 shows in one day and we appreciate it. Fucking great time as always with them.

At this point, we were all wondering where Vinnie was. His face was on the poster but he was mysteriously absent. Then all of a sudden he showed up, almost as blind as a bat, and missing shoes he had no idea how he lost. It was all celebrations dot com from then on.

After all that sun and beer it was definitely time to head home for a nap. These are some of the best gigs I get to go to, so thanks to every one involved. Let’s do it again soon, yeah?

Full gallery here:

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