Splendour in the Grass (Day 1) (25/7/2014)

The Splendour line-up is a yearly torture for me. There’s generally only a few bands I want to see on the lineup, but they always get one that I just can’t say no to. Last year I headed down and snuck in my camera for the National, this year it was Outkast playing their only Australian show (probably ever).

Last year I took the pancake lens and had a nightmare time trying to crop every single shot down while avoiding the high ISO noise. This time I took my nifty fifty. The extra aperture and longer focal length made the world of difference. Not that it really mattered, if you turned your WiFi on, all you would see was the term “GOPRO”. Yep, the them of this year’s Splendour seemed to be fucking GoPros. On sticks. Every where you looked someone was holding out a stick with one on the end, generally pointed back on them.

I decided to check out DMAs to see what all the hype was about. I still don’t know why there’s hype. Sounded like very boring, generic 90s Britrock band.

Unexpected highlight of the day ended up being the Strypes. I knew nothing about them but found myself rocking out and enjoying their ode to the glory years of rock and roll. It was a bit disappointing to find out they were still teenagers!

It was a long wait for the two headliners I wanted to see: Interpol and Outkast. But the layout of the amphitheatre made sitting in the setting sun watching all the bands quite enjoyable. I’m pretty sure this was the Presets.

Interpol! They played almost half of their first album, making me a very happy Chuck.

And finally, Outkast!

A few selected shots below:

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