Disc Golf

Disc Golf was one of those hobbies I had in high school in the USA that unfortunately was, until recently, unavailable here. If you use the official licensed and trademark term of “frisbee” the sport may make sense to you. Just like golf, the goal is to get the ball into the hole. But instead of ball, you have a disc, and the hole is a big basket full of chains to catch the disc.

Over the last decade I’ve been lucky to play it over many, many, many courses in America, New Zealand, and most recently Australia with a course opening up not far from my house!

On my recent trip to the USA (lots of blogs/pictures to come when I finally get around to editing the 1000s of photos) I was lucky enough to be taken to a course in the Colorado mountains around Denver. Being high up in the mountains (I believe it’s elevation was higher than the highest point in Australia) I tired out pretty quickly. So I took it as an opportunity to practice my sports photography, something I’ve been wanting to work on for a while. Luckily the guys I was with (Tom, Joe, Mike) are all bloody good disc golfers, throwing a few times a week when they can.

This gallery of photos is mainly for them, as I took way more than I planned on and did not want to post on a social network. Also, I’ve included some photos from the last decade of disc golf I’ve found on my computer, including a disposable camera shots from what I imagine is about 2002.

Technically, the Colorado photos (the watermarked ones) were a lot easier to take than my last effort at sports photography. The light was good the majority of the time in a perfect Colorado summer day. There was a lot of contrast in the forest, and most of the culled photos were in the shadows of the trees or just on the edge of them. Catching a disc in the air that appeared still in a zoomed-in photo was nigh on impossible for me in my f2.8 17-50 mm lens I was using. I had it dialed down to f2.8, but the problem was then I failed to capture the full background of the wonderful forest. It was a good challenge, but a whole lot of fun, given that I was throwing discs at the same time.


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