Wil Wagner/Georgia Maq @ Crowbar (28/8/2014)

As I was editing these photos, I had to check my gig list. Since 2011, I’ve seen Wil Wagner (either in Smith Street Band or solo mode) 13 times. Most of those times was with camera in hand, some even when I was just learning what to do with my early camera gear. I wasn’t going to shoot this gig on Thursday night, but I had my camera in my car… just in case. After a few beers and a few of the opening artists I made the run out to my car to grab the camera.

The gap between artists was very short, so I came in late for Georgia Maq. I really liked her songs. She exhibited a lot of passion and made some great statements with a bit of humour in her lyrics.


So having photographed Wil so many goddamn times and with no media agency requiring X amount of shots in a quick turn around, I decided to try something new. After grabbing a few cliche shots, just because I can.

The first thing I noticed is that it’s really lonely on stage for one person. When he’s up with the full band there’s barely room to fit everyone on a stage like Crowbar. But by himself… a lot of empty room. Luckily Wil’s voice, story-like song style and stage presence is enough to fill any space.

Another thing I’ve never really paid attention to is Wil’s movements. Despite being one man with a guitar and a microphone, the dude couldn’t stop moving. Getting up on his tip-toes like a ballet dancer mid-song and emoting his songs perfectly in his facial expressions and body language. The best example of this was during his song “Don’t Go to Clubs” an homage to a really shitty show he played with Bomb the Music Industry at X&Y (and I got photos of).

But the one thing you really notice about Wil and his songs, is how much everyone gets into it. How everything he writes just seems to encourage a mass sing-a-long from everyone involved.

It was a great way to spend a Thursday night and I got some of my favourite pictures of Wil so far. Here’s a gallery of a few selected shots below:

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