USA Road Trip, Part 4 – Utah/California

Leaving our hangovers behind in Colorado in Part 3, the road trip was back on!

If you like doing anything outdoors and nature then you’ll without a doubt fall in love with Utah. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful. We got into Moab and ended up camping in a freaking cave.

The boys were off to do some mountain biking, but as someone with no balance I got taken out to Arches National Park for an explore.

I felt sorry for my poor tour guide, because I kept swearing the entire goddamn time. I could not believe such a bizarre landscape actually exists. I felt like I was in a crazy drug dream.

It was then off to Salt Lake City via a spabath in a natural spring during a thunderstorm.

Salt Lake City was a bunch of (drunken) fun and then it was off to California for me, leaving behind some great friends and memories after ~3000 miles in the car.

I’ve said it many times before, but I don’t like LA. This was my 5th or 6th time there, but I had never had such a tour guide as I did this time. Adam and Alex took me around to some amazing places that aren’t tourist traps, but just show that LA is more than the movies and tourist brochures. I got to see the original Batcave from the Adam West era batman. I was so damn excited at that.

I even got to climb up behind the Hollywood sign!

It was such a juxtaposition to the rest of my trip, but it was the perfect way to round up one incredible holiday. Even finishing it with a Katy Perry concert and one of the best tacos I have ever had from a street vendor.

Thank you to every one involved in the trip and especially those strangers who let me borrow a couch or a shower. It was 3 of the most fun weeks I have ever had.

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