Devin Townsend Project/Toehider @ HiFi (10/10/2013)

This gig was a while ago now, but I remember parts of it fondly. I remember the opening band, Toehider and not because I was live-tweeting my swooning for the bass player (which she responded to later… awkward), but because of their amazing stage presence. Although this is not them live, if you watch this video you’ll probably see why.

Hi Amy! You were wearing a chequered skirt, a Batman necklace and playing a 5 string bass. I couldn’t help myself from swooning.

Their humour themed glam metal won me over, especially when they played the “Ducksuite” which includes the Count Duckula and Darkwing Duck theme.

It set the tone perfectly for Devin Townsend, who came out to his usual Ziltoid puppetry and random videos. Devin is one of those artists I’ve hardly ever listened to on record, but will go out of my way to see him live. His guitar god status combined with almost orchestral vocals and amazing live show make for a great night regardless. So glad Wade dragged me to go see him between bands at Soundwave many moons ago.

I’m not going to write anymore because Max wrote a kick-ass review to go with my photos.

When Devin really gets into it, he’s an absolute pleasure to photograph. He even poses and interacts with us photographers in the pit, which is far from normal.

At the conclusion of the gig, I got a text message from a mate to come running back to the HiFi (luckily it’s a 5 minute drive from home). Devin stayed behind for an hour talking to every one and signing anything and everything. So I got him to sign some photos of him from Soundwave I had printed in a book.


There’s a few selected photos below, but the full gallery is over on AMH Network.

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