2014: Best of Music Photography

Due to a lot of other things going on in my life, 2014 was my least prolific gig year in half a decade, with me attending and photographing half as many gigs as I did in 2013. Not necessarily a bad thing overall, I had a lot less late nights photo editing. From the 49 gigs I did attened, here’s my ten favourite photos of 2014!

10. Glassjaw @ Soundwave Festival, RNA Showgrounds (22/02/2014)

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Technically, this photo is a bit of a failure. Daryl’s upper body is slightly out of focus and there’s some motion blur on his arm as he pumps his fist mid song. But it’s also that aspect that keeps me coming back to look at it. He’s been doing this crazy hardcore thing for over 21 years and yet he still throws himself full body into his performances.

9. Yasiin Bay aka Mos Def @ Soulfest, Riverstage (25/10/2014)

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Soulfest was a weird day for me. I’ll admit, I went purely to see Mos Def perform. I left disappointed with his performance, however the rest of the day’s music and atmosphere lead to one of the best music festivals I’ve ever been to. Despite his performance, I still liked the photos I got of him (he is in movies for a reason I guess). I think it is the red microphone close to the pursed lips mid-verse that grabs my attention. And this angle crops out the hideous pants he was wearing which made him look like his gentleman parts hung half a metre below his belt.

8. Luca Brasi @ 4ZZZ Car Park (19/07/2014)

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Yeah okay, this photo is purely about Vinnie dancing and smoking a durry with his mates playing the music. Look how stoked he is on life.

7. Finch @ Soundwave Festival, RNA Showgrounds (22/02/2014)

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It’s more what is not pictured in this photo. Me, standing behind the camera screaming the lyrics in time with the band. Finch recorded two of my favourite teenage albums and I was dancing around the photo pit like the little fan boy I am.

6. Jeremy Neale @ Blurst of Times, the Brightside (19/10/2014)

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I photographed Brisbane’s Busiest Man in numerous bands/projects/ways this year, but this photo captures him post-chord, looking back over his shoulder like he’s thrown his full body into the shot. Also it’s my friend Melissa’s backdrop on her phone now. It’s always satisfying when someone uses a photo of yours in even the littlest way.

5. Outkast @ Splendour in the Grass (25/07/2014)

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A large part of my life had been spent waiting for this moment: to finally see Outkast live. I had to sneak my SLR in with my pancake lens and do some creative cropping and editing but this photo captures the quote on Andre’s shirt (which turns out was protesting the reunion tour) while still managing to enjoy himself and engage the crowd.

4. The Dillinger Escape Plan @ Soundwave Festival, RNA Showgrounds (22/02/2014)

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They might be one of my favourite live bands, but with their ridiculous energy on stage, inability to stop moving and penchant for poor lighting it’s always a struggle to try and capture Dillinger. Nailing a silhouette of Greg on the fly is really tough too, especially since I think this was mid-strobe.

3. The Bronx @ Crowbar (15/06/2014)

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The first day of their two show run in Crowbar. A venue way too small and sweaty for them, but an absolute blast for any fan (aka: me). After fighting the crowd the whole time while singing and dancing I somehow ended up wedged next to the speaker on the left of stage. I’m not proud to admit this, but when the set ended and Matt collapsed, I reached around the speaker and took this photo with my arms outstretched. Seems a bit of a cheat, but hey, it delivered the results.

2. Miley Cyrus @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre (15/10/2014)

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Surprise, it’s not Miley’s butt! Although I got some great shots of her body, I love this shot of her making it rain while the crowd throws their hands in the air/takes photos on the phone. I snapped this one just as I was being escorted out from the crowd way back at the sound desk, I was surprised it turned out at all.

1. Deftones @ Big Day Out, Metricon Stadium (19/01/2014)

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No surprise here at all. When I was a teenager I had a poster very similar to this above my bed. All I wanted to do was recreate it.

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