2014: Best of non-music photos

Outside of gigs, my camera didn’t get a lot of casual use this year. Except for when I was travelling across the world for work and friends’ weddings. I was very lucky this year to be able to spend a lot of time visiting places I would normally never even consider going with some great friends. I then got to annoy them by taking lots of photos.

10.  Dude on a camel

Our last full day in Hyderabad, India, we were promised a trip to the elephant park. However, for some explicit reason, the elephant park was closed on that one day only. As we drove off I saw this guy walking along side our car.

9. Girl blowing bubbles

So technically it’s a music photo, but it’s not a music photo. This girl just started blowing bubbles in the mosh pit during High Tension.

8. Bondi Beach

I’m a 29 year old Australian and had never been to Bondi Beach. Between the Deftones and Primus gigs I flew to Sydney to cover, I decided to go for a walk and check out what the fuss was about. This was the view from my breakfast stop.

7. Buffalo of Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is basically a massive highway which turns into a car park whenever an animal is spotted. This old gent was not far from the side of the road surrounded by about 100 tourists.

6. Grand Arch via Little Arch

I spent my day in Arches National Park just swearing out loud in the disbelief that a place like this could actually exist. HOW?!

5. A wedding feast

Two of my most beautiful friends got married in the most beautiful setting in the Denver Botanic Gardens. I don’t remember much about taking this photo due to wine, but the whole venue was just gorgeous.

4. Log bridge

Michael and I finished our rather wet and snowy Overland Track hike half a day early, so we went offtrack exploring in the few minutes the rain decided to stop.

3. Hyderabad

Photo taken from the Charminar over the rooftops of Hyderabad, India

2. Finally together!

After days of ceremonies and celebrations, Nabil and Sanya finally were wed and revealed to us all. To bad the videographer’s lighting just obscured their hands.

1. That’s a big dog

This photo was a finalist in Pedestrian.TV’s photo contest. Shot from the passenger seat of Kenny’s car, in a day that was to be known as Snowtember, this guy was just walking down the highway on his early morning stroll.

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