Every Time I Die/Bayhourbor/The Fevered @ HiFi (18/10/2013)

I’m finally posting these 2 weeks after seeing Every Time I Die again, in a very hot venue where I could barely think. So my recollections of this gig are very vague at best. Looking back though, the HiFi was at it’s normal levels of lighting, ending with a lot of shots I was not happy with. The original gallery for AMH Network can be found here: http://amhnetwork.com/every-time-i-die-brisbane-2013/

The Fevered were good and it was my first time seeing them after hearing about them a lot. May have been a little too heavy and brutal for so early in the night, scaring a few people in the small yet growing crowd.

Bayharbour continued the major theme of the night: punk jumps.

Shooting from the pit was ridiculously difficult. When you weren’t battling the poor lighting and the fast moving subjects on stage, you had to dodge crowd surfers.

When the first 3 shots were done, I was lucky enough to be allowed up on the wings of the HiFi where I was able to shoot a bit more comfortably using my 85mm f1.8. This came in handy when the guitarist took a wander into the crowd.

I love that 85mm lens. It’s becoming my most often used lens at gigs now.

Here’s the rest

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