mewithoutyou/Elliot the Bull/Alibrandi/House of Giants @ the Brightside, (01/02/2015)

Mid 2008 I was visiting America as part of a wedding and I was back in my old college town of Iowa City. Josh, a friend from high school, was doing bookings/promoting/something at one of my old favourite venues, Gabe’s Oasis. Well after a lot of cheep PBRs he told me that mewithoutyou were playing. I lost my shit. This was a band I never thought would make it to Australia. He got me in the door, my memories are blurry, and so are my photos from my little point+shoot camera I had then.

Well times move on and they finally toured Australia. I was sober this time and with better camera equipment, although the low-light of the Brightside caused me some grief, especially given the frenetic show that mwY put on. It’s just constant movement and dancing and screaming and insanity. But it was a great show.

I shot most of the night on the 85mm f1.8. At Brightside it’s one of the only things to do, leaning against the wall to try and stop extra camera shake with my unstable hands. The drummer was an absolute joy to photograph. He kept pulling faces and really getting into it.

It was the last night of the tour and they left nothing behind. They played the crowd requests and went much later than they were supposed to, not that any of us were complaining. Pretty sure there was nothing left in them at the end.

It was one of the best shows I had seen in a while and I just hope it’s not another 7 years until I see them again.

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