A Wilhelm Scream/Anchors/Friends With the Enemy @ Crowbar (26/4/2015)

I’ve been layed up sick for a few months, but luckily everything aligned for me to get to my first gig in a month. There was no way in hell I was going to miss A Wilhelm Scream tear the top off my favourite bar in Brisbane.

First up were Friends With the Enemy. For a band that says they rarely practice, they were the best I’ve ever seen them. In fact their sound was the perfect warm up for A Wilhelm Scream, with that perfect combo of riffs and solos with the punk sound.

Also Callan told me he was really, really hungover, so good job to him.

Anchors are one of my favourite Australian punk bands. And definitely one of the fastest. Their new songs showed nothing had changed. The singer moved just as quick as the songs he was singing, making a lot of my photos very, very blurry.

As good as the two opening bands were, I camped right at the front of the crowd to try and get some pictures before the mosh got too crazy.

And boy did they did not disappoint. They tore through some of their greatest songs off all of their albums. There was barely a moment when the crowd wasn’t fist pumping and screaming along with them. Except for drinks breaks…

The energy displayed by the band was insane. Even with the finger-breaking speed of their riffs, the whole band didn’t slow down at all, jumping all over the stage.

Such a good night and I’m glad I left my sick bed for it. Can’t wait to scream along to them again soon.


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