Blowhard/Flangipanis/Turnpike/Mouthguard/Release the Hounds @ Chardons Corner “The Back Room” (8/5/2015)

This gig, also titled the “Hey Cancer Don’t Fuck With Fred Fundraiser”, kicked off the new band room at the Chardons Corner Hotel. And boy, did it open it up in style. The new venue itself is pretty damn good, with a large room, some comfy chairs and most importantly a great PA and light set up. I’m looking forward to spending many, many nights in there.

First up were Release the Hounds. I’ve photographed these guys a tonne of times now, but I was still up the front singing along.

I’d say it was one of the biggest stages they had ever played on.

The lighting at this venue puts a lot of Brisbane’s biggest venues to shame. I was able to zoom in and get some good Rory hair flick action.

Next were Mouthguard. It was the first time I’d seen them play with a good PA and I found myself digging their sound more than ever. Maybe it’s because I’d been blaring a lot during the week, but I got a bit of a Fucked Up vibe coming off them.

The singer stomped all over the stage making it almost impossible for me to take a photo, at least without spilling the beer I had in my hand at the time.

Turnpike seemed a little bit out of place as they started their set, but I was blown away. Their noise and riffs just played off each other beautifully in the band room. They are definitely now one of my favourite Brisbane bands. Go see them. Do it. Now.

You know any band that makes a lot of noise on stage and ends with their instruments all over the place is going to win a place in my heart. I hadn’t seen them play a show in years and I now regret that it’s been so long between drinks for me.

The Flangipanis were next. Every time I see them I’m just surprised they aren’t bigger. They are the perfect punk band for a night of drinking.

The crowd seemed to agree with that sentiment. There was a lot of dancing going on.

I feel ashamed to admit this, but in my 11 years of living in Brisbane, I’ve never once seen Blowhard. Now that I finally have, I feel even more at home.

Even with the big stage at the Back Room, it was pretty crowded up there. As they ended their set they pulled out a cover of my favourite The Saints song, Know Your Product. Shit was lost.

When that was followed by a cover of Turbonegro’s I’ve Got Erection, even more shit was lost.

Fred, I hope you feel better soon man! You’re lucky to have all these great friends in great bands out there supporting you.

I’ve got photos of the whole night in the gallery below:

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  1. Barb
    Posted May 11, 2015 at 7:31 am | #

    Awesome shots from an awesome night!

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