September last year saw me in the USA. I got together with some of my best mates and drove from Oregon through Nevada, into Utah, camped and hiked in Zion National Park, then into Colorado (where you may remember me playing Disc Golf) into Chicago and then Iowa. I’ve put these photos up privately and even printed a book for my friends to commemorate the trip, but it’s time they go public! Here’s a gallery of them!


If anyone is interested in prints there’s a few of these in my webstore. Otherwise email me and I’ll add them to the store. Or if you’re ever around, I’ll show you the book with even more in them.

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  1. […] (in the first week of spring!) and seeing a part of the country not many Australians get to see. This time a year ago I was driving across the plains of Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Colorado and wondering if we had anything in Australia that would even come close to the cinema-esque wild […]

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