Dangers/Shackles/Staunch/Graves/Siberian Hell Sounds/Selfish Act @ Crowbar (4/7/2015)

There’s  lot of confusion about how to say my twitter handle @moshpitson. Basically, it came from this song:

A TV tray and a mosh pit son
Who wastes the marrow of his bones
Jumping into these drums.

Five years ago I was obsessed with Dangers. Their second album, Messy, Isn’t It, came out just as I was just beginning to fall headfirst into the black hole that is music. I had just started blogging and I was very close to getting a camera and starting this whole music photography she-bang-a-bang. Dangers came out and played two Brisbane shows, I blogged about it (poorly) and then I thought I would never see them in Australia again.

But not only did they come back, they played my favourite Brisbane venue and had a killer line up of supports.

First up were Selfish Act. All the way up from Northern NSW, their bass player is the wonderful Rose (http://www.deadenddesign.com.au/). I had been such a crap friend and always missed her bands when they got in town, so I made sure I was there early to finally see her rock the bass. They had only a few days to teach a new drummer all the songs and unfortunately had to play a shortened set. Unfortunately I didn’t get many good photos of Rose, she was facing the drummer most of the time to help him through the songs.

Next up were Siberian Hell Sounds, a three piece exploring some black metal. I loved it. Guitar, drums and screaming all together in that perfect noise mix that I’ve been loving in music lately.

Graves were added to the lineup a few hours before the gig as their other show was cancelled. The New Zealand band blew me away with their grind/hardcore.

The sets weren’t the longest, but neither were the changeovers. Next up were Staunch, then She Cries Wolf, then Shackles. I went upstairs to see some friends between bands and by the time I came back down I couldn’t get close to the stage with all the moshing/dancing/kicking and punching of the air. I really didn’t feel like getting into it, so I just stood at the back and enjoyed the night of heavy music.

My review of Dangers in 2010 talked of monitors being kicked over and absolute mayhem and energy being exhibited by the band. It may have been 5 years later, but nothing changed at all. I put on the 20mm lens and the flash and just tried to keep up with the movement across the Crowbar stage.

In the last 5 years my review writing hasn’t got any better, but I like to think my photography has. Dangers were even better this time and when they came out for an encore of (D)anger(s), the crowd went nuts screaming “Anger ain’t a mood, it’s a goddamn way of life!”

I hope its not 5 more years until I see them again.

Full gallery:

Within seconds Al was in the crowd, on the barrier, crowd surfing, everywhere he could be while screaming the lyrics.

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