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It’s been a while, I know. And for that I apologise. As a result I’ve had over 1 years worth of film sitting in my fridge, just waiting to be developed. As well as a brand new film scanner still sitting in the box. Recently I was home for more than a week (for the first time in ages) so I got up off the couch, got it all developed, scanned it in and tried to remember what was happening in each shot.

The photos I had ranged from Christmas 2014 to November 2015. And just before I typed this up, I just finished another roll of Portra 800 that included some shots from my travels around America as well as Christmas. Hopefully it doesn’t take so long to get it all developed and scanned this time!

It was a new scanner and my first time using it, so some of the scans have a bit of dirt and noise in them, but after finishing my last roll this morning, I’ve learned a lot since the first one and will hopefully go back and re-scan at a better quality soon.

I’ve broken down the shots into different categories, and first up is music.

I shot 3 rolls at concerts all year and 2 were at Soundwave way back in February. I used a roll of Ilford XP2 400 on Day 1, which worked surprisinigly good even at night. Like this shot of Corey Taylor of Slipknot after the sun went down:

I didn’t shoot too many bands on film, focusing more on getting my digital shots right for publication and only using film when I had a bit of extra time. However, this shot of Greg Puciato of Killer Be Killed (and also Dillinger Escape Plan) was better than any digital shot I got on the day:

I pretty much left my 40mm pancake lens on, so not to interfere with the other stuff I was shooting. So shots like this of Marilyn Manson weren’t cropped in too tight, but I like how it frames his persona.

At the end of the night and into the next day, I switched to colour film in Kodak Portra 400 and almost caught a jumpshot from the Aquabats… if it wasn’t for the monitors in the way.

I geeked out so hard shooting Incubus and the Portra 400 speed film held up really well at night time. Probably helps that the large stages had a lot of lighting.

Soundgarden was also at night, but the Portra 400 showed almost no grain in this shot:

After Soundwave (and taking a sneaky shot of BOB at the Nelly concert), the next time I took film along with me was a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 to the Smith Street Band’s I Love Life mini-festival at the Tivoli in September. It was dark, the film was grainy, it got pushed hard in development and was stubborn with scanning, but it was still fun to use. The grain is really noticable in this photo of Iron Chic:

But my favourite shot of the gig (on film anyway) was taken with my 70-200 mm lens standing right at the back behind the sound desk.

The grain on the film can drive you a little bit bonkers if you are used to clean digital shots at high ISOs, but I kind of like the character it ads.

There’s a few more selected photos in the gallery below

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