2015 Films – People

“People” is a bit of a broad term for this category. Pretty much every time I’ve left the house this year I’ve had a camera on me, sometimes I even felt adventurous and took one of my film cameras. But these photos are pretty much of the wonderful people in my life; whether family, friends or that one person whose name I never remember but we get drunk together once every few months or so amongst a group of other people who we know slightly better.

Thank you all for letting me snap photos of you consistently, even if you aren’t aware of it some of the time.

Oh, and of course, it includes dogs. Because dogs are the best people. Like Oscar at Christmas 2014, trying to catch the pool water being splashed (taken on Portra 400).

I really can’t help but take a photo of him every time I see him. Here’s him looking sad on Kodak BW400CN film.

I managed to sneak in a few drinks with friends over 2015 too. Bloody Marys on Acros 100:

Breakfast jugs on Ilford XP2:

Tropical cocktails on Ilford XP2:

Beer Pong action on Portra 160

Although I’ve spent a lot less time hiking this year than I would have liked to, I managed to do a lot more multi-day hikes. The first of the year was on the Sunshine Coast and captured on Portra 400:

The same waterfall, the same wonder, with different friends, on different films: Ilford XP2 vs Portra 160

Blue Mountains, Kodak BW400CN:

Even took some foreign friends to some wonderful places in far north Queensland (Portra 160):

I participated in a beards, cigars and suits photoshoot (Kodak BW400CN):

I let my friends borrow my camera gear in another country to shoot some expensive cars driving very fast (Ilford XP2):

And love. There was lots of love in 2015. Whether it was between members of my family (Acros 1oo):

Or the nerves of a friend walking up the aisle at his own wedding (Ilford XP2):

Or even a couple of lovers taking a break to celebrate the new love of other friends by taking a selfie of their love… sort of… (Ilford XP2):

And then there’s those poor friends and family that looked up just because I yelled out their name when they were least expecting it. Ilford XP2:

Of course there’s plenty more in the gallery below, keep an eye out, you may just be in there.


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