2015 Films – Places

I find it hard to keep still. If I’m home for more than a few hours, I’m probably going to get antsy, pick up my camera, my headphones, a bottle of water and go for a walk. Brisbane is always full of wonderful surprises.

Portra 400:

Sometimes you just have to look hard, or you’ll miss the hidden wonders (Kodak BW400CN in Fortitude Valley)

I even ventured to the Ekka for “work” this year with a roll of Acros 100.

I’ve also gone on a few hikes, though I rarely take my film cameras with me, just to cut down on weight. This shot on Portra 400, in a cave, was composed on a digital camera first. I cheated a little.

And of course there’s my cliche summit bier (on Ilford XP2).

I even took the summit bier international this year, on a 4500+ km road trip through the national parks of western USA. Stay tuned, there’s a massive blogpost coming around the corner for that trip…

Unfortunately, in all the hiking, I found out that my circular polaring filter + lens hood on my 20mm lens sometimes causes a slight fisheye-esque shadow on photos, ruining this shot of the Grand Canyon.

For once, I went on an international trip that wasn’t for a wedding or hiking, and got some gorgeous shots on my brief foray into Malaysia.

We climbed up high stairs and high high-rises.

I even chucked on my 70-200mm f2.8 lens with a 2x extender and attempted to photograph the F1.

And sometimes I just went to the beach and stayed local.

I’m hoping next year I get the opportunity to go on a lot more adventures with my camera in hand. Gallery of photos below:


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