USA 2015 – Part 1 : Big Sur

Another year, another wedding in the USA. My life is like a broken record, right? Well considering I am running very, very low on friends that aren’t married, I thought I’d do this right. It could be a very, very long time until I’m back in America so I came up with a list of everywhere I wanted to go, hired a van, and just drove. Over 6000 kms worth. In my wonderful trooper of a Jucy campervan.

I’m going to break it down into small parts, but the first part of the trip started in a very, very gloomy Los Angeles.

I then picked up my wonderful host (the three times I breezed through LA, the poor thing must have gotten sick of me) in Alex, then we started up US Highway 1, aiming to spend a few days checking out the wonderfully ragged coast line that is Big Sur.

On the first night, at a place made famous by Clueless (Pismo Beach) we happened to walk by something you would never see in Australia: a gay (and inter-racial) wedding. We somehow lucked into walking by just as the vows were said at sunset and boy, did I have a lot of tears in my eyes. It was just beautiful. The photo below was taken when I parked the car, just before I knew what was happening under the gazebo on top of the cliff.

My biggest regret is that we decided to do all of the Big Sur coast in just 1 day. Stupid idea. There was too much beauty (and tourists in convertible Mustangs) to squeeze it in. But boy did we. Alex had a late night flight to catch from San Fran.

The drive was just gorgeous. It reminded me of the rugged Victorian coastline mixed with the West Coast of New Zealand. And the roads were probably just as bad.

The day ended crashing on the floor of an apartment were some close friends from Brisbane (that I saw 3 weeks earlier at a wedding) were staying on their holiday. I breezed through San Francisco and headed out on my own to Part 2 – Yosemite.

There’s a gallery of a few more selected images below, otherwise if you like any of these pictures you can buy a print, canvas (or more!) in my webstore: If the photo you want isn’t in there, let me know!

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