USA 2015 – Part 4 : Grand Canyon

The drive across the desert from Joshua Tree was a little bit boring, but in that kind of desert-beauty way. With so long between towns and hardly anyone on the roads, I was more than a little worried that if something would happen I’d be found dead weeks and weeks later. But all of a sudden, in among the trees on a very, very flat piece of country, a giant hole opened up in front of me.

The goddamn Grand Canyon.

I’ve seen thousands of pictures of it and flown over it many times, but until you are standing on the precipice of it, you just don’t really understand the grandeur of the whole thing. And my god is it just one big effin’ hole in the ground.

Day or night, it’s just so damn overwhelming.

And me being me, I decided to try and reach the bottom and come back up in one day. Now that was a crazy challenge.

I got close, and had a beer and made ramen noodles at the bottom, and passed a guy who took his fishing line down all the way just for fun, but looking at this photo, you can barely tell I’m over 1km below where I started.

I had about an hour down there, by myself. It was bliss before the crowds arrived.

But then I started the long, long, long walk back up. The trip down is so easy you can easily go way past where your ability will able to get you out. I passed Amish families climbing down, nuns in their sports habits singing hymns, families from all over the world and a ranger that looked a little like Sam Elliot.

That night I drove into town for a hard-earned Wendys fast-food dinner (and to steal the wifi) and spent the rest of my time exploring the trails along the rim and never getting sick of the view.

I then picked up a hitchiker and drove out to one of my favourite places on earth: Utah.

There’s a gallery of a few more selected images below, otherwise if you like any of these pictures you can buy a print, canvas (or more!) in my webstore: If the photo you want isn’t in there, let me know!

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