USA 2015 – Part 6 : Utah – Denver and Canyonlands

The drive in from Utah was a little hectic. There was still snow on the ground and the van struggled a bit, especially at the higher altitudes as I climbed up and up and up the Rocky Mountains. I hadn’t drive in snow in over 11 years, and I have a deep fear and hatred of the white stuff, so I was running on adrenaline the whole drive up.

As I passed through the highest point of I-70 (somewhere around 3400 metres up) I stopped to make a coffee and relieve the nerves.

And I also expressed my real feelings about snow.

I then made it into Denver. I took hardly any pictures while there, because it was a total mates-fest. I caught up with some of my best friends I only get to see once or twice a decade and celebrated the love of two of my favourite people in the world. I even squeezed in a sneaky round of disc golf.

After the best time and a lot of teary goodbyes, I stopped for another road-stop coffee, but this time with a bit less snow.

Although a few kilometres later, I was driving on the highway, steering around herds of bighorn sheep and watching snowboarders on the mountain tops right next to the highway. It was so surreal.

I then drove all the way back I came, and turned off just before I got into Moab to go explore the northern part of Canyonlands: Islands in the Sky. And when I pulled in and went for a hike, I just giggled like a madman. This landscape cannot be real.

You can see why the area below is called the Maze district. Apparently you need special approval to go down there as most people just get lost.

My favourite part of the entire trip was at night. Every night I’d set up camp, light a fire and just relax.

Some nights I’d just be there with my thoughts. Some nights I’d huddle around the fire with randoms over a couple of drinks. But every night was just the ultimate relaxation, until the fire went out and I’d struggle to get it lit again with frozen hands.

This second visit to Canyonlands was just a quick stop over on a long drive. After an early morning scramble (in below zero temperatures) it was back on the road again.

I was off to another Utah park I feel in love with years and years ago: Zion.

There’s a gallery of a few more selected images below, not that I took much on this part of the trip, otherwise if you like any of these pictures you can buy a print, canvas (or more!) in my webstore: If the photo you want isn’t in there, let me know!

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