Queensland Premier Rugby Women’s Grand Final 2016

I’ve been promising my friend Viv I’d go watch one of her rugby games for a while, so what better day to finally do it then on their grand final! Her team (Wests, in the green and yellow) were playing their rivals Sunnybank at Ballymore. The game was surprisingly at 830 in the morning (shame on you Queensland Ruby) before even the junior teams were playing their finals. Apparently on the field were two Wallaroos and a couple of youth olympians and you could really tell. The game was more exciting than any Reds game I’ve been to in years and despite the final score of 24-7, the game was really close up until the very end.

I took my camera and long lens with me and gave it a go. Both shooting outdoors and sports photography is kind of new to me, but it was a fun challenge and I’m going to definitely get outdoors and try and shoot a lot more sport soon.

Congratulations to Sunnybank, commiserations to Wests, but thank you for such a great game of football. Here’s a few of my favourite pics, and be warned, there’s a few of Viv because I was so damn excited when she got out on the field at the end!

Wests scored first, but my auto-focus shifted to the corner post right at the second of the try, this next photo was about a second too late.

I love a good conversion too.

A high five? Or a potential stiff-arm?

There’s more photos in the gallery below:

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