Europe 2016 – Part 1: London

It took 31 years, but with no weddings for a few months it was finally time: I got to head to the old country. The main excuse was to go see Wimbledon, but there was a bit more exploring on the side too. Unlike most of my recent USA trips, this time I was traveling with people and spending most of my time in cities. A bit weird for me, but it was also so good to share the fun and excitement with others.

Upon landing early at sunrise, we had half a day to kill until our accommodation was ready so a quick explore was in order. Unfortunately, this was one of the only times of the trip it didn’t rain for most of the day. I wish I had known this in advance, I would have taken advantage of the rare spots of sunshine we spontaneously got. Pretty much every photo I took on the trip featured predominantly clouds.

I guess it did add some good contrast though!

But the main reason we were in London was to go to Wimbledon. Which involved lining up before 7 am each morning for 5 or 6 hours to maybe get tickets and ended with very short days because of the aforementioned unrelenting rain. But when it didn’t rain, I did get some good games as well as Pimms.

Also managed to do some touristy stuff too!

The most touristy of all? Went to the Harry Potter studio tour. I didn’t like the books, but the movies are very enjoyable and I had the best time walking around seeing how everything was made as well as just taking photos of all the really cool shit there.

The highlight for the trip though was an encounter with my favourite animal: a squirrel. He even came up and sniffed my 20mm camera lens, which I luckily had on at the time.

To be honest, I wasn’t happy with my photos in London at all. It may have been the weather, it may have been how busy we were, or it may have been that I just spent most of my time catching up with friends, but I didn’t truly like my photos (except for the squirrel one) until the next stop: Scotland.

There’s a gallery of the ones I actually liked! But stay tuned for Part 2 – Scotland.

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