Byron Bay Bluesfest 2013

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get along to Bluesfest. I was originally going to take my dad for 3 days, but I was lucky enough to score a photo pass for the full 5 days. I went home for day 4, but drove back on the last day purely for the chance to shoot Paul Simon.

I’ve heard many many stories about the chaos of shooting Bluesfest, but it seems this year they had it completely under control (I imagine). There were plenty of staff on hand who helped us out in the best possible way. A lot of the artists had weird rules or didn’t allow shooters, but they fought for us. Paul Simon and Steve Miller were from the crowd, while Iggy Pop and Robert Plant were from the side of the photo pit. The weirdest one was Mark Seymour, who only asked that we shared the photos on his facebook page!

The 4 days I shot were an amazing experience. Without a 24 hour turn around like a lot of festivals, I was able to take it easy and enjoy myself. The lighting was incredible at most stages, with the only exception really being Dropkick Murphys. Most of the photographers were the cream of the crop in Australia and it was a great experience networking, hearing their stories and getting their advice. On top of the amazing artists I saw, it was just one of the best times I’ve ever hard “working”, if you could call it that.

The main galleries can be found here:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

But here are some of my favourite photos plus so many more that didn’t make the cut!

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