Europe 2016 – Part 2: Scotland

Day 1 of Scotland was a beast: train in from London (see Part 1) to Edinburgh and drive from Edinburgh to Isle of Skye. By the time we got there through the rain and clouds and the tiny, windy highland roads I was exhausted. BUT HOLY SHIT SCOTLAND YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARD. Our accomodation was a cosy little cabin called a wigwam on the northern most point of the island on a farm run by the friendliest welsh people you’ll ever meet.

The next few days now hold a special place in my heart. Isle of Sky was so damn fantastic, even if the weather wasn’t. Most days followed a nice schedule: up early for a hike before the rain set in, coffee and cake at a beautiful little cafe (that was in Grand Designs), explore the island while waiting for the weather to clear, then enjoy the evening in almost perpetual sunlight.

When the weather was good, the scenery was stunning.

And when the weather was bad, the scenery was stunning.

The locals were friendly and adventurous.

And the drinks were had in pretty scenic places.

The last morning was bitter-sweet, as we hiked straight from our accommodation and had a breakfast of local whisky at the most northerly point of the island.

One thing I never got bored of, especially on the drive back via Loch Ness, were Scottish castles. Goddamn they ruled.

It was sad getting back to the city after an amazing island experience, but let’s be honest, Edinburgh is bloody spectacular too. From either Arthur’s Seat or the castle.

To say I fell in love with Scotland would be an understatement. The weather may have been shite, but the people, the food, the scenery, the drinks, everything else about it was just amazing. I need to get back.

But unfortunately (and fortunately) we had to head to part 3 – the continent.

A gallery of Scotland photos are below:

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