Europe 2016 – Part 3: Continent

In retrospect, we did this trip all wrong. As we’d never been to Europe before, we tried to fit in a lot into a short span. As such, continental Europe went by in a blur of a week. I barely got to see any of Paris at all.  I probably could have easily spent this time back in Part 2 – Scotland.

But I did get to experience the wonders of high speed trains (can we get one please?!) and experience a day in the Champagne district… drinking champagne of course!

And I got to see something I’ve always wanted to see: Versailles. The museum was packed with the tourist masses and I was not enjoying it, until we got out into the garden. And then wow. What a day just wondering around seeing all the things I’ve read about for years.

But after only a few short days we were on our way to the heartland of beer: Munich. But unfortunately the wet weather that had haunted us daily on this trip followed us here. Luckily I got to hide out in the BMW museum

In amongst all the Dunkels I drank (it was a lot) we got to go up to the mountains and look at even more castles (the recurring theme of the trip).

And castles.

And castles.

Not going to lie. I loved the castles. But not as much as I loved my scenic dunkels.

I need to get back there as soon as possible. I want to spend a lot of time hiking around the mountains in Bavaria (and drinking the beer of course). On the last day, the run of rainy weather lifted (of course it did) and I got to see some of the highlights of Munich. Including the legendary surf canal.

And then it was back home. It took me 31 years to get to Europe, let’s hope it’s not another 31 to get back. There’s so much more I want to see. Here’s a gallery of the continental photos: