Rancid tribute night @ the Brightside (16/6/2017)

I showed up to this night with all of the good intentions of photographing the bands and having an easy night, until Sean told me there were 2-for-1 cocktails. You can see over the course of the night the effects on me. I took a lot less photos and (what you can’t see) is the ones I took and deleted were blurry.

I caught the end of the Black Market and had a sing-a-long to my first Rancid song of the evening. Didn’t manage to get any photos though.

Bullets didn’t have any Rancid, but did have a guest cameo from Sean.

It was my first time seeing Hound, who also featured no Rancid songs, but I really dug them.

Goon on the Rocks threw in an Operation Ivy song (yeah boys!) and really got the crowd going.

The wall was keeping me upright by the time Flangipanis came on, so not many usable photos but lots of fist pumps were had.

But it was great bands, great friends, lots of sing-a-longs and just a good damn night in general. Gallery of the (usable) photos below: