Japan 2017 – Part 1: Tokyo

It had been a long 9 years since I was in Japan. During those 9 years I had very fond memories from my trip. With no wedding travel in my future, when my friend Alex (who lives in Los Angeles) suggested we meet in Japan I had no excuse to not go along. My last trip was a 10 day bender staying with a friend in Tokyo, so this time was going to be my chance to really explore the country.

I got to Tokyo a day before Alex (we messed up our timezone differences when we booked) so I spent it just walking around Tokyo and finding noodles. Which basically is what I did every day of the trip. Walk, explore, noodles, nap, repeat. We were staying in Shinjuku and the park there was the perfect place to settle into the ridiculous heat and humidity of Japan and try to remember my high school Japanese classes.

One thing I did a lot of (and did not hate) was visit shrines. Coming from such a young country and having very little personal spirituality, I was just in awe to be surrounded by such sacred antiquity. The best part of all the shrines was reading the prayer cards. I took many photos of strangers’ hopes and dreams.

Our first full day in Tokyo together was all about cafes.

We visited a cat cafe.

A Kawaii Monster Cafe.

And a Maid Cafe (which I was not allowed to take photos of).

In Tokyo I even took myself on a beer tour, where my broken Japanese was completely worthless, until it was time to play rock-paper-scissors for a free beer. Who says all those kids games we played in class would never pay off?! (It didn’t, I lost and did not get a free beer).

It was a good few days in humid and rainy Tokyo, but I found it very overwhelming.

The noises, the colours, the lights, the crush of people, the humidity… I was pretty excited to get on a bullet train and go explore new places. And eat more noodles.

Part two sees us heading south on a bullet train. Here’s the gallery from Tokyo:

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