Japan 2017 – Part 3: Kyoto, Hiroshima

Another Shinkansen from Odawara had us heading back to the big smoke to Kyoto. Within a few minutes (after meeting another Australian at the beer vending machine while I bought a shower beer) I fell in love with Kyoto. I could just walk the streets for days. It was the perfect mix of old and new, of western culture and Japan.

It also had my favourite coffee, beer and meals of the whole trip.

You can’t go to Kyoto without a trip to the iconic Fushimi Inari shrine. Apparently every one else had the same thought, as it was one of the most crowded places of the entire trip.

It was rare to get even a fleeting moment without someone being in every photo, but when the opportunity arose, I did the best I could to get a photo.

Alex and I slowly crawled to the top of the shrine, which in the stifling heat and humidity was a battle. It was worth it when we got near the top as I was able to buy a beer and continue my tradition of summit beer!

(Thanks for nailing this shot of me Alex).

By the time we got around to the other side of the shrine, I was more sweat than I was human. Luckily I found a spot to cool off…

I took hundreds of photos of these red torii gates. The whole time I was just in awe of the beauty of these gates.

It wasn’t as exciting for the local cats that lived in the shrine though.

I just loved exploring all of the different areas of Kyoto. We made it out to the bamboo forest, which was a lot smaller than we expected, but still beautiful.

But do you know what the best part of Kyoto is? Takoyaki. Yep, octopus balls.

I think the most walking I did of the entire trip was one day in Kyoto. By the time I finished exploring the gardens at the imperial palace I had no energy left to do anything except drink beer and watch sumo on tv.

After Kyoto we got yet another Shinkansen to Hiroshima, where we spent most of our time on islands full of animals in the bay. First up: Miyajima (full of deer).

There was also a big shrine and temple, but hey, most people were here for the deer.

The second island was Okunoshima: an old world war 2 chemical weapons facility now overrun by rabbits.

There was also a lot of history and abandoned military buildings.

But come on, looks at those wabbits!

As I’ve said about every stop on this trip, we just didn’t have enough time in Hiroshima. I really wanted to see a baseball game there but missed out each night unfortunately. But that’s okay, we were starting our trip back home, via Osaka and Tokyo.

Here’s a gallery of Kyoto and Hiroshima:

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