Japan 2017 – Part 4: Osaka, Tokyo, Kamakura

After Hakone, Kyoto and Hiroshima, Osaka was a lot more… hectic. We went out to the old Expo area on the outskirts of Osaka to visit a Pokemon gym for Alex’s birthday. I live in an old expo area back at home, so it was interesting to see what it was like in another city. Let’s just say I’m glad where I live in Brisbane is nothing like this (except for the cool monorail system).

We spent ages just roaming the streets of the Dotonbori area, being overwhelmed by the lights, the sounds, the crowds, and all the food options.

On Alex’s birthday I think we had the best ramen of the entire trip. It’s hard to tell though, as I had so many damn good noodles the entire time.

While we were lost looking for food, we did see some awesome boats though. Obviously put on for us tourists.

Osaka castle was a definite highlight and not just because it was the only ancient structure we visited that had air conditioning (but goddamn it helped).

Tennoji was a great area to go walk around just for the colours, the obvious tourist traps, and the really dodgy porn areas in the side streets.

I was half asleep on the last Shinkansen back to Tokyo when I got a friendly tap on my shoulder from Alex in the seat behind. I FINALLY GOT TO SEE FUCKING MT FUJI. Even if we were zooming by at a few hundred kilometres an hour, I was stoked to grab a photo of the elusive mountain. In 2 trips to Japan now, I had yet to see it due to clouds.

It’s funny though, as a few seconds later it was fully behind clouds again. We just somehow lucked out.

Back in Tokyo, Alex and I treated ourselves to cocktails from the top floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel, best known as the bar from the movie Lost in Translation.

We only had a day left and we had yet to murder each other, so of course we went our separate ways. I ended up out at Kamakura, a beach town near Tokyo. Rather unsurprisingly, it was full of hikes and shrines, so I was right in my element. It also included one giant Buddha statue, which I had a very hot walk through the inside of.

It was such a quick trip and we squeezed so much in. Yet there’s so much more I want to see. Due to the ridiculous heat and humidity during our trip (I should have guessed summer was warm. Duh) I did a lot less wandering around and took a lot less photos than I would have liked. A lot of the photos I did take were just hazy due to the constant humidity mist. But hey, it was still an amazing trip with a friend I really don’t see enough of.

I’m not waiting 9 years to go back.

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