Brisbane Bearded Bandits

Yesterday I had zero plans. Nothing. So I decided to go into the city to do some belt shopping (oh, I’m fun aren’t I?). It was such a nice day that I thought I’d walk there through the botanic gardens and for the first time in months I took my SLR with me. I only had my 40mm pancake lens (I didn’t want to carry much) but on the way home I somehow got invited to the pub and ended up at the first meet up of the Brisbane Bearded Bandits.

Yes. A club. For Brisbane beard growers and aficionados. There were a lot of beers and everything was amazing and I somehow took a few photos in between the jugs and beard pats. I hope to be a big part of this club in the future and hopefully with better camera gear to really capture the true awesomeness of my fellow beards. Alongside them, I felt so incredibly inadequate with my small beard.

(Here’s the club)

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