Japandroids/Velociraptor @ The Zoo (1/9/2013)

Due to an upcoming work trip, I never got around to getting accreditation to this gig. But god bless the Zoo. A quick phone call, they asked the band and I was able to bring my camera in (but Japandroids joked I could only take photos of the guitarist. At least I hope it was a joke).

Velociraptor were the opening band, and as always, I had no idea how many people to expect on stage to start with. They decided to bring 8 people out to open the night, with a special guest guitarist, who had stepped out from behind the drums of DZ Deathrays. Their jangly-surf-garage-guitar rock was a great start to the gig and there was plenty of mayhem and action on stage. I could never decided who to keep my camera focused on.

Japandroids seemed polar opposites to Velociraptor, with only 2 people on stage. Their noise was huge though. Being a fan of Post-Nothing, I was quite happy with the amount of songs they played off that album and was ecstatic when they played Wet Hair. I had an “out-of-touch-with-the-youth” moment when they played a song the whole crowd went crazy for but I didn’t know. It was a great gig, but an early morning plane ride saw me sneaking out just as the encore was wrapping up.

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