Splendour in the Grass (Day 2) (27/7/2013)

Outside of the National, this year’s Splendour lineup didn’t excite me. Then again, after 2006, none of the lineups ever did. I made the pilgrimage in 2012 purely for At the Drive-In (and had one of the worst days of my life). This year there were no hail storms and a week out I was given a gold ticket in exchange for writing some words. It seems to be the way of things these days, a reviewer gets accreditation instead of a photographer, so I’ve had to turn my hand back to skills I haven’t practiced since my high school days in order to get in to gigs.

I remember Justin telling me he snuck his pancake lens in to Splendour in 2012, so I thought “why not?” I had acquired a pancake lens a while back so I was good to go! If you want to read my thoughts of the day itself, check out the review on AMH Network.

I’m not a small man and have shot from the crowd at many Zoo gigs and punk warehouse shows, so the idea of carrying a camera in a pit at a music festival didn’t even bother me. I tried to get as close as possible, but in the end, it came down to creative cropping on every photo. The 40mm lens just wasn’t long enough. I saw someone else with a nifty-fifty in the crowd and I was a bit jealous.



I played with the sharpness a lot too.

One of the highlights of the day was definitely the Polyphonic Spree. They started with doing the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, before coming out to play a few of their own songs. The best part was when the singer wrote “SMILE” on some fabric and then cut through it. I managed to get it as a sequence.

Shooting from the crowd at a major festival also allowed me to get a new perspective on crowd photos (at least when the lighting was good during the day), especially when crowd surfers are about to hit you on the head.

It wasn’t a bad day all around. I had almost the same facilities as the photographers, especially since the VIP area was right next to the media room. I recognized a few familiar faces in the photo pit and had a catch up with the non-Qld shooters, but I’m just glad I wasn’t doing it for real over 3 days.

The full gallery of cropped photos is floating around over here, but I’ve added a few choice ones below.

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